Rwanda: WASH MIS


MININFRA : Ministry of Infrastructure/Rwanda


Hydrophil – GeoCodis – Hyce Consult – We Consult


Development of the National Management Information System for the WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector.

As team leader of a consortium consisting of Hydrophil/Austria, GeoCodis/Slovenia, Hice Consult/Rwanda and We Consult/Uganda, Dr. Ralph Elsäßer leads the development of the cross-departmental system. In close cooperation with a variety of stakeholders (ministries, departments and non-governmental organisations), key indicators were identified and defined to monitor the development of the three sectors towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Particular emphasis is placed on the feasibility of nation-wide, continuous data collection at various levels. The system works both web-based and with Android apps, with online and offline data collection. Flexible configuration of data responsibilities allows to adopt data collection, validation and analysis to the respective levels of technology and capacity. The system thus can follow future evoloution of technology adoption and thus responds to Rwanda’s specific settings in the most sustainable way.





13. April 2018