Geo-Solutions develops ICT4Ag toolbox for Giz

ICT_ToolBoxDuring a field mission to Mozambique late in 2016, Ralph Elsäßer identified potentials for the application of ICT in contract farming schemes. This resulted in recommendations for selected companies how to use modern technologies to streamline communication processes between lead firm and contract farmers and to enhance traceability along the various value chains.

Based on these findings (and others), Ralph Elsäßer was comissioned by the Giz project ProEcon in Mozambique to develop the “ICT Toolbox for Contract Farming Professionals“. ProEcon implements a inclusive business model approach in rural areas where contract farming is one important context. Since an ICT consulting mission concluded that several of ProEcon’s private partners involved in contract farming could benefit from ICT tools it was decided to summarise the findings in a toolbox for ICT tools to share this information among contract farming professionals.

The toolbox contains a collection of ICT tools that can be utilised in contract farming contexts in order to increase the efficiency of such schemes. The publication describes different levels of ICT tools, from very simple tools such as farmer registries and bulk SMS tools to more sophisticated and integrated solutions. All of those tools are briefly described including their typical use, expected benefits and costs.

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