Burkina Faso: Monitoring of the Rural Drinking Water Sector – Achieving the Millennium Goals


European Union




The 2nd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness  in Paris 2005 formulated the Paris Declaration which postulates the development of instruments for better planning, monitoring- and evaluation and for transparent performance assessment of projects in the light of the achievement of the Millenium Goals.

Geo-Solutions developed the GIS-based planning- and monitoring-instuments SIG-OMD for standardized modelling of the access to drinking water on national, regional and local level.They helped optimizing the investments into the sector which after eight years resulted in a higher equality of the peoples access to safe drinking water. These tools support the decentralization process, combine the national top-down process with  bottom-up approaches and help enhancing water governance through the introduction of transparency and trust.


18. January 2016


Climate Change Adaption, Food Security, Geomatics, IWRM